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Learning to make Gay Friends and satisfy babes: the greatest self-help guide to Effective Queer Socializing | Autostraddle

Y’all have some dilemmas meeting homosexual men and women. We realize this simply because as long as we have now had homogay ‘internet presences’ you have been asking you how to make queer friends/meet ladies. We Have
responded you, sporadically

But apparently perhaps not occasionally sufficient:

Although Laneia is confident she actually is the only lesbian in Phoenix (I’m positive this is simply not so, some body please straight back myself right up for the comments), we right here on Team Autostraddle have a relatively healthier posse of queer pals. Or perhaps it would appear that method once we build for homogay events/marches/parties/prides tri-annually.

We feel very happy because of this so we’ve made a decision to enlist the soldiers and answer the question « how carry out we fulfill additional queers? » forever.


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Isn’t it time? Let’s begin.

On the Job:


: Purchase EMPLOYMENT! No truly. Go get a job. It doesn’t have even is
a gay task
. Though I had those. Tasks in directly World are usually teeming with undercover gays. If you notice a printer jam, wait approx 2 minutes and most probably a gay girl will arrive to repair. If you ask me, typical ol’ jobs are usually the very best places to generally meet some other homosexual ladies, whether for friendsies, FWB, or potential spouse material. If you will find slimmer pickins’ at the work, the healthier.

Complement a Femme

: Hang out in which friends and family function, if appropriate. Some one I know only satisfied a fairly thing to chew on this way not too long ago.


: If
your co-workers realize that you’re a homogay
, they will certainly virtually undoubtedly try to familiarizes you with or set you right up making use of their gay cousin/sister/bff/roommate/etc.

Shows for Queer Musicians



I came across nearly all my personal queer friends at
. Gay ladies are pretty dedicated to promoting their own neighborhood gay performers, and go check a couple of programs. In the event the city provides an all-female group subsequently which is good place to begin, their particular concerts will likely be filled with potential queer friends. I usually think it is easiest in order to make friends together with the musicians on their own since you have an excuse to strike right up a conversation using them: to share with all of them which you enjoyed their particular program. Inquire further if they’re playing then, and head to that one as well. Simply keep arriving.

Join any Club/Team That’ll

Maybe you’ve as a part

Intern Hot Laura


Do you have a

cycle co-op

in your area? We gamble you do, and that I gamble discover a bunch of lovely girls running around with bike oil on the noses. Even though you never satisfy anybody, you’re able to learn how to build a cycle that will be a lot like carrying around a lighter in the event a lovely woman requests a light only better as you arrive at arrive their own their unique recovery and fix their own damaged tire.


: Join a

book nightclub


writing class


DIY photos workshop

– in fact, DIY such a thing would work.


Go right to the

roller derby

Every one of the queer girls are at the roller derby. Them. Roller derby is actually wall-to-wall lesbians and I’ve observed numerous girls strike upwards new friendships as you’re watching a-game. Its simple to do since if absolutely one thing that roller derby fans love, its discussing their comprehension of the game with beginners. Anytime there’s a team in your area, go see them perform. Saddle upwards beside a small grouping of lovable ladies in the committing suicide seating (in which most of the major fans remain) and get them to explain the rules to you personally. I think might make some new friends right away.


On the Internet

We’ve got reported the web many times while the simplest way meet up with additional gays. Demonstrably this IS the net, therefore we’re biased, but we’ve located nearly all of the friends the following, or via Riese’s prior blogs (that’s where all the staff originates from — readers of her blog while the pals she found through the individuals, etc).
We hear OKCupid is anything
, additionally.

Intern Emily


Get a hold of someone on autostraddle who lives close by. Provide them with your e-mail. Go with a walk. Walks are cost-free.


: It could be different today, but when I found myself an infant (23) we taken care of immediately an advertising on craigslist w4w by a lady whom said she was actually bi, went to Columbia, played soccer, liked ‘420′ and was looking for some other bi women to go completely with and stay buddies and brave the terrifying queer world with each other. Initially we met it was absurdly uncomfortable but it had gotten increasingly much better right to « more comfy than i’m with any person, really. » We have been through a bunch together — numerous existence stages! — and then we’re nevertheless pals today, and it’s really through her intrepid online friend-gathering that we met Lainy, which came across my personal
now-best-friend Haviland
on friendster immediately after which welcomed the girl to something I found myself in addition at, in fact it is the way I came across Haviland. So! The purpose of this is:
craigslist maybe a thing
? The answer to it becoming non-intimidating had been we both earnestly wanted new friends, yannow?


: discover a queer woman whom produces a web log with lots of emotions and deliver her e-mails about your feelings. Read books. After queer lady with a blog begins an online magazine, help their. Accost people on gchat. When the queer woman with a blog provides parties and presents you to definitely the woman buddies, end up being great in their mind and state situations together with your throat and vision. If a person ones is particularly cool, write them an email and be their particular buddy. Be truly sincere and take most anti-anxiety medicine. Don’t get an alternate way of living haircut until you actually want to. Get at least one v-neck. Smile.

Intern Emily

Start a blog
. Write-in it for 2 decades. Simply take a 3-day hiatus and then ask for people in your area to e-mail you.


Begin a blog
immediately after which
make a webpage
immediately after which employ individuals to end up being your friends for free.


Stick « queer-friendly » or « LGBT friendly » inside craigslist blog post and the ladies can come a-runnin’, with a lot of gay pals of one’s own in pull. You eliminate like 40 birds with one material might hear Tegan & Sara

all the time


In A Women’s Studies/Gender Studies Course

You should check out this directory site of
LGBT/Queer scientific studies programs
at colleges everywhere in the country! You also should take part in course. Girls whom participate are hottest.



Ladies researches courses are a great spot to satisfy females: everyone’s literally a feminist already so you’re able to have brainsexy discussions, which are an excellent option for continuing in bars after course. View yourself with those hot profs, though.

At your LGBT Campus cluster in College or highschool

This is certainly Taylor’s NYU LGBT Cluster


: In college, before I found myself very out or firmly identified, I began nervously participating in certain events presented by all of our college’s LGBT office. Quickly forward a year and I was actually working on-campus queer workshops each week, and that I’d scored an enormous posse of passionate forward-thinking activist gays, the same as that! Before I worked for our very own LGBT company I believed super bashful at queer events, therefore if your own class has an active LGBT company, considering enrolling or applying and diving inside. The LGBT office became an extra house, which was an excellent option for between-class naps and meeting hotties, obviously.

Intern Emily

: Go to your college’s queer dance club. It will likely be awkward. You will embark on a lunch day with a cute lady who gives the woman girl. You may earn some friends though.

Gay Bars and Gay Events!

Obviously this is a scary circumstance, but many getting-to-know-other-girls at these bars will not take place with one preliminary uncomfortable see. You need to go-back. And get back. And return back. And ultimately you will have no option but to feel comfy truth be told there, because it’s a location you decide to go much. Next perchance you will speak with visitors or get 25 individuals to kiss you for your 25th birthday. Its anything, you can keep rating in your arm with a pen. If you reside in nyc,
GO Magazine provides the a lot of extensive, up-to-date bar/event directories

Intern Emily

: check-out a gay bar. Get truly intoxicated and communicate with everybody.


If you are during the homosexual club or lesbian evening, you will definitely believe thoughts like ‘nobody right here wants to speak to me’ or ‘everyone right here features a sweetheart’ or ‘why tend to be lesbians therefore daunting’ while have to control all of those feelings and cover them with another experience and this new feeling is ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen, I’ll get declined?’ and I UNDERSTAND I UNDERSTAND I UNDERSTAND that looks petrifying, as though becoming denied is the worst thing that may ever occur as a person being. But it’s in fact not — your own confidence is actually sexier than your ensemble will ever end up being, and women are so unusual and also numerous issues/reasons to possibly decline you that you are unable to take anyone getting rejected directly. Just create visual communication. State hi. It generally does not need to be sexual. Envision yourself in her footwear and consider how you’d want the girl to approach you.


: do not a scaredy-cat! head to a bar/club/show by yourself. Actually, this is one way We met my wife 5.68 years ago.

Some General Recommendations


Sarah Croce

: I used to be bashful. My response? Develop some. Figure out what is awesome about you and confidently strike right up discussions with random people. They do not need to be homosexual. Oftentimes you’ll find most ladies are bi, or fascinated, or have homosexual friends. Straight everyone loves to tell you they usually have homosexual buddies as well as usually think you ought to connect using them like there’s some sort of homosexual drought plus in order to succeed and conserve the lesbian competition we want to mate feverishly. It’s like they do not know we can not procreate. As well as constantly ask exactly how lesbians have sexual intercourse.


Begin Modest, Acquire a Lesbian Posse:

Jess R

: Create your very own Lesbian Posse. You only require 1 or 2 additional homosexual pals to start out – inform them to invite some other queers they understand (without having any gay buddies – they do!) and prepare small occasions for yourselves like supper at a condo, motion picture night, bowling night, ski/hiking excursion, etc. create a regular thing so that you have something you should look forward to so when the days go-by the lesbian telephone tree will grow longer and lengthier and after a couple of months you will have your own personal Lesbian Posse.


End Up Being Brave:

Intern Emily

: Unfortunately, satisfying new people implies you should be courageous and method them and talk to all of them and locate items to talk about and spend a lot of time obsessing in what to wear, etc. Its lots of social anxiety while should take some pills for this, but additionally, you’re feeling great after.


End up being Traditional and Venture Outside of Your Own Comfort Zone:


: Get away from your own comfort zone. I listen to plenty ladies whining about how exactly it’s all the same individuals, the exact same women, wah-wah-wah. Drive to a regional area, get that practice underwater, bicycle it, bus it, but don’t expect you’ll satisfy new, interesting ladies by doing the exact same crap containingn’t struggled to obtain yet.

Additionally, be antique. Pretend there is net and don’t forget what it’s like to be courteous and gracious and authentic IRL, and expand real invitations and cultivate genuine lasting friendships. It’s easy for points to fall through splits with internet-based associations; they need to be nurtured for reals. Becoming traditional reminds us a bit of the required steps to maintain the kinds of connections we wish!


Gays are every-where:


: Remember in

The Wizard of Oz

where Dorothy realizes that what she needed was a student in the woman backyard/home/heart the complete time? You might be a gay individual, therefore desire do things/go spots. It is likely that additional homosexual men and women also enjoy these things/places and so are probably already truth be told there! Look around your own job/library/capoeira class/favorite coffeeshop/yarn store/whatever and most likely you will find queer individuals truth be told there. Like actually, if there are many than 10 people in this building it really is mathematically totally possible that might be another person there who’s additionally an enormous gaymo. You just have to be fearless and speak to people and not end up being shy about getting homosexual your self; they’ll likely be extremely relieved and reply in type.


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